Seizing Opportunities
in Global Markets

Dimpex helps companies to successfully seize opportunities in new global markets.  You should contact Dimpex if your company finds iutself defending its position in its own local markets against foreign competitors or feel an increasing need to find new customers in other geographic regions, across borders. Successful market entry and development demand an understanding of new cultures, business practices and communication methods that work within the borders of the foreign country.

We work with senior management and decision-makers in companies that have made the commitment to expand their operations internationally.  We help management to discover new opportunities, synthesize voluminous information from government agencies, chambers of commerce, trade associations, research studies and other sources into actionable strategic initiatives leading to successful entry into cross-border or overseas markets. 

Our specialists work across many industrial sectors.  However, we specialize in underserved and growing markets that facilitate cost-effective market entry and brand building.

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