Building Global Markets

Established companies fall behind in fast-changing markets by persisting in previously successful behaviors and failing to respond to new business conditions.  Sometimes well established brands are put at risk when they fail to understand the economic forces and political factors that are driving globalization.

Privatization, deregulation, open borders, increased economic activity, technological advances, trade rules and investment flows, language and cultural issues all present challenges for management in today’s business environment.  Leaders in successful companies are required to develop a global vision that rationalizes and integrates their manufacturing, marketing and business processes, globally, for short-term results and long-range competitiveness in world markets.  Dimpex guides organizations through the complexities of setting up or expanding business by:

  • Clearly defining the global vision
  • Planning a sound strategic direction
  • Identifying high potential opportunities and understanding rapid growth markets
  • Developing organizational readiness and mobilizing capability for rapid execution

Dimpex’s broad experience enables it to identify opportunities in many areas that are likely to be overlooked by companies and less experienced consultants.  Dimpex will address your concerns whether it is:

  • Briefing or research on a specific market
  • Offshoring or outsourcing
  • Marketing intelligence
  • The need to sell or license products overseas
  • Cross-border distribution chains
  • Establishing a foreign business presence
  • Direct foreign investment as an expansion strategy

Our firm helps to bridge the gap between existing capabilities and vision by a company’s aligning strategies to capitalize on blossoming global opportunities.

Dimpex has worked in 56 countries and has affiliates and networks of experts to help companies and governments with projects in a wide array of issues, industries and geographic locations.

All initial consultations are provided without charge and with no obligation for an organization to pursue further business relationships.


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